Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sorsogon: My Unsuccessful Whale Shark Chase

Aside from the Mayon, seeing the Butanding (Whale Shark) is what I have been looking forward to this trip. And I did not see them both, am I the jinx or what? Oh well, I blame the bad weather!

The storm Chedeng had just left the Bicol region. And the day before there are no boats who sailed out because of the strong waves. My officemates said that we have to confirm first if the boats are already allowed to sail out. At 7am she called someone from the Donsol Tourist Center and gave us a go signal. But I was thinking that it was already too late for us to go, considering the length of our travel. Usually I have read in blogs that you have to be early to be able to have a sighting of this majestic creature. But I am still hoping and hoping.
lots of Nipa on the way

and lots of this billboard too, mag-kamukha na sila no? :)

From the town of Juban, it takes us 3hours of no traffic drive going to Donsol. It was soo tagal and every minute that is passing by, my chance of seeing the Butanding is diminishing.

At around 10 or 11am we reached the Butanding Interaction Center. After paying P3,500 for our boat, had a quick briefing and we are off to go.

I don't like our BIO (Butanding Interaction Officer), I am throwing a lot of questions but he's not on the answering mood. Yeah, I know. What an unlucky day right?

After an almost 2hours boat ride, the instructor told us to position ourselves infront of the boat and sat on the left side of the katig and get ready to jump quietly. I am not a diver or an expert swimmer, but I know how to float plus I love the water and I trust my life vest :D

Happy siya after she jumped :)

The waves are so big, because of the storm effect pa din. I hate Chedeng really, need I say it more?

Our first jump was fun though we missed the Butanding by few seconds. It was funny because one of my officemate who have never tried any water activities was left behind the boat when the BIO said jump. Seeing her from afar, knowing that she don't know how to swim, I thought that she will just wait for us. Instead she jumped from the boat! And our masungit na BIO is super mad at her! Hahaha! I could imagine him saying "Hindi naman marunong, tumalon pa!". She struggled so badly and the other spotter rescued her. Ok, it wasn't really a funny scenario, but we had fun reminiscing that moment. After our first jump I am still hopeful.

after my first jump :)
On our second jump we missed it again, but the other boats saw it. I was completely sad not to see one. And I am so losing hope because it is already late in the afternoon.

after my 2nd jump :(

For another hour our boat goes round in round to find another sighting, but we were really unlucky to find one.

I blame the weather and myself for not pushing that we need to be at the shore by 7am.

Oh well, that's life.

I'll see very soon Butanding :D


  1. sayang nman ang pero ang gagam=nda ng view.

  2. they say best time to go there is february. im planning to go there again and this time on february

  3. @palakanton: Yep, sayang nga talaga, pero i did enjoy the chase somehow :)

    @dom: sama ako! hahaha! Lemme know, para kung free ako I might tag along :)

  4. Its ok tin. at least you've enjoy the jumps and the madness experience in chasing.:-).

  5. dapat pinicturan mo yung masungit na BIO. dapat maiwasan yan.. hehe

    dont worry, butandings are there t stay.. balik ka nalang, tapos ayain moko ^_^

  6. sayang ah. bad trip pag ang guide wala sa trip.
    when did this happen? I was supposed to be in Legaspi the first week of June pero di natuloy. Just want to make sure that when I finally reach Sorsogon, maganda yung weather. :D

  7. @Bon: yep, ok din nman ang experience :)

    @Chyng: Me pix ako, d ko lang nilagay dito kc baka nman wala lang siya talaga sa mood ;)

    Cgecge, sama tau ke Dominic ;D

    @Ed: Last week of May lang, paalis plang ung bagyong Chedeng :D


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