Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visiting Legazpi on a Gloomy Weather: Chili Ice Cream Literally Spiced Me Up!

I was feeling a little gloomy because I have not seen the beauty of Mayon because of the cloudy weather or I don't have a good heart at all. LOL. (cause they say, Mayon shows its beauty to those who have good heart). Nah, I believe it's because of the weather. :)

Ok, I know. All of my post about Albay speaks of my disappointment about not seeing Mayon. Hahaha! Moving on for the nth time! :)

We had lunch at Bigg's Diner at Pacific Mall in Legazpi. The food was ok, I ordered Porkchop with Laing and a large iced tea. The laing is good but bitin, because of the kapiranggot na serving. The porkchop is ok also and i like the iced tea! I paid less than P150.00, which is ok na :)

Thanks to Tita Lili who shares about her experience about the Chili Ice cream, so chempre I tried it din. Good thing 1st Colonial Grill is close to Bigg's Diner.

For P79.00 you can buy one serving of Chili Ice Cream, i took it out that's why nasa plastic cup lang.

Well, I am not a big fan of ice cream it its not coffee crumble. The taste at first is just like a plain ice cream but the after taste have a kick of Chili. I did like it, especially kapag dinamihan mu ung subo, m-ffeel mu talaga ung anghang. Hahaha! Di ko m-english eh :)

But it could have been much interesting if they make it in color red, para Chili tlaga ang dating :) Hahaha! Nki-elam nnman :)

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