Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend lovin' at Tagaytay: Sonya's Garden

It was actually my first time here and since it's a garden I am expecting lots of flowers. That is why I am kinda disappointed to see a few.

The place is very commercialized, inside there is a spa, bakeshop, restaurant and bed and breakfast.

The staff told us that the greenhouse is far from the entrance and since we are not staying it is prohibited to roam around. 

Sonya's Garden is famous for their Spanish bread, you can buy a dozen for P120, for me the taste is ok, but I don't dig it that much.

They also have herbal soap and scents.

Since I have not seen the inside, I cannot comment much on it. During our visit, the place is fully booked, maybe there is something real special about it. But when you are just going to roam outside like we did, it's more of like a visit to a special bakeshop. The flowers are not that plenty plus there are so many mosquitoes.

Oh well, maybe to enjoy the place, you have to dine to try their organic foods specialty and to check-in to experience the service. Maybe I will, next time, it it's free din. :)


  1. the place is always crowded. like you, maybe i expected too much for the serenity of the place.

    btw, transfer to flickr para sharper ang photos mo pag inupload =)

  2. Seems that you are now improving in your photography skills ha tina.:-) Congrats on this. Tama si chyng, para mas clearer.

  3. 120 pesos for a dozen of Spanish bread? Wew. Haha.

  4. Hi Chyng, yep, crowded nga especially on weekends :)

    Nway, noted yan, cge aralin ko yang flicker na yan :D

    Hi Kuya Bon! Hahaha, nk-kuya! Thanks again! Syempre I have ur blogs as inspirations eh :D

    Hi Cedric, yep, its kinda pricey but not that remarkable :D

  5. I tried their spanish bread last March pero parang naimpluwensyahan lang ng mga nasa paligid ko yung panlasa ko. Review nilang lahat ay masarap. Parang wala namang something espesyal. I-try ko uli next time. :)

    Beautiful flower photos esp the blue one. :)

  6. heard so many things about Sonya's garden. it's nice how the maintain the place with those flowers.

  7. I've been inside the place by the way a few years ago during a cousin's wedding. It actually feels refreshing especially when you're used to the clutter and pollution of Metro Manila. Can't remember how the food tasted though. :)


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