Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend lovin' at Tagaytay: Summit Ridge

If you want to have some R and R, one of the quickest getaway from Manila is Tagaytay.

2hours drive from the city and you'll already feel the soothing weather in Tagaytay, expecially if the excruciating heat is killing you.

Our accommodation at Summit Ridge Hotel is free c/o Carlo's father. It also comes with a P1500 consumable breakfast.

Summit Ridge is strategically located at the main road of Tagaytay, in-front of Josephine's Restaurant.

We stayed at the standard twin room. The place is clean. And what I love about here is the FREE STRONG WIFI signal. Every room has it's own router.

Each room have its own balcony and it has the perfect view.

The pool, which we have not tried.

The waiting area.

Balls for design.

At the end of the day, you can sit by the pool and watch the beautiful sunset.

This is not a sponsored post, how I wish. But I still recommend the place. :)


  1. Wow libre!
    Mahal daw jan sabi nila eh, di ko afford hehe

  2. Sarap talaga ng libre! Especially if it's a hotel accommodation... Kasi we never book one with our own money. Haha! I miss Tagaytay :(

  3. Hi Christian! Medyo pricey nga siya, bute nga libre, d ko din to afford eh :D

    Hi Gay! Wow, sarap naman na u r not paying for your accommodation :D


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