Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bohol Series: Accommodations - Dao Diamond Hotel and Aros Spa and Resort

We stayed in Bohol for 4 nights - 1 night in Tagbilaran City and the rest of the nights at Panglao.

For our city accommodation, I chose Dao Diamond Hotel because their websites says that profits from the hotel benefits the deaf children of Bohol. And not just that the helpers here are also deaf. 

For Php350 per night per pax, we get to have the dormitory room good for 8pax but with common CR. The room is spacious enough and the air-condition is sufficient to keep you in a good night sleep. The airport is transfers is also free and it also comes with a free breakfast. But don't expect too much on the food, knowing it is free. The comfort rooms are clean and the water's pressure is alright.

They also have a pool that you can enjoy. I have not roam around the compound because of the limited time we have. They are undergoing renovations for better improvement. Though they are not that keen on security, I don't know if it is prohibited but we get to sneaked in some booze :)

The only thing about the place is that they have surcharges for cancelling your confirmed booking. I have reserved 2 nights but due to some changes we have to cancel 1 night and they asked us to pay 20% of the should be accommodation fee.

But all in all the place is satisfactory, and I encourage you to stay here to somehow help the deaf children of Bohol.

CAUTION: If you wish to go further bear with me, for this is some kinda rant post :)

It was a saturday and we are really not sure whether we can find a resort in Panglao that can accommodate us. After our failed attempt to find a room in Dumaluan 1 and 2 and White and greens, we settled for Aros Spa Resort. The resort is close to White and greens, they actually share the same pathway going to the beach.

So here comes the nightmare, hahaha, no I was just exaggerating. But remember BEGGARS CANNOT BE CHOOSY! 
up there is our room and at the bottom of the stairs is the CR open for all

The room was pricey too, we paid Php3,100 per night. The room is good for 8 pax and there is no private CR. The amount also comes with a free breakfast. And the management stinks big time!

Lets start with the room, the room is ok and big, I think the sheets are clean. But I did not smell it and did not stick my face on the pillow without my own towel as cover. I really did not feel secure at the place at all, our room have loose locks. And we need to obstruct the door with the table and TV to get a good night sleep.

Place really looks nice on the outside

The comfort room is worst. And they use filtered salt water. Is there such thing? The water is sore to the eyes and after you take a bath you'll feel stickier than ever. Sometimes the water goes off and you have to tell them to open the water tank. They don't have trash bins.

The breakfast is free and you do not expect grandeur on something free. But I do not expect the utensils to be corroded! Mind you, they are really serving it without caution, the reason is that since they use salty water then the silverware became rusty. Nice. They do not have disposable utensils, the mineral water is Php5 per cup. And the servers are not pleasing at all. They make face when you ask for something. Plus even the owner is not hygienic.

behind these cases is the way to another CR

The room was originally price at Php3,500 but after haggling we got it for Php3,100. Since we are staying for 3nights we already paid in full. And that was my biggest mistake of all. No refund. 

And one day they left some kinda messed in the dining area and the cats are all over the left over foods. It was really grossed.

I really did not like this resort, if that's what they call it. They really need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the place and their people. Customer service is key to successful business.

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  1. that was a nightmare! I would've demanded refund still.. hikhikhikhik.. i'd go for rustic but clean and well managed establishments anytime.. sayang lng kasi ung nice nga tignan ung place but madumi pala.. nice review..^^


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