Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bohol Series: Bohol Bee Farm

Another reason why I love our Panglao tour is because of the Bohol Bee Farm! Good thing we ditched Danao! Hahaha!
Bohol Bee Farm is famous for its organic buffet! I am not a health buff, but minding what you eat once in a while is a good treat for yourself.
From the start of the day, we starved ourselves to be prepared for this lunch buffet. Plus a trek down and up from Mag-aso Falls, I am so geared for this meal. Hahaha!
Check out the food and you can have them all UNLIMITED! :D
the organic salad - this is surprisingly yummy
seafood soup
honey-pesto-mango spread 
brown-red rice? :)
pork spare ribs and chicken in a sorta teriyaki sauce

Fishy fishy? :)
lemon grass tea - taste like pandan tea of Banana leaf but better
macapuno and honey home made ice cream

There's also a pasta, sorta lasagna, which is very good also. But I am devouring everything while it is being served. I am not quite sure of the names of the food. After spirals and circles, I can say that this is the only buffet that I did enjoy.

The higher the number of your group the more discount you get. So since we are 6 in the group, If I remember it correctly, we paid P420 each for the buffet. 

Aside from my uberly satisfied tummy, my eyes are also dwelling in happiness. The place is simply beautiful and the atmosphere is very relaxing. However, the only downside here is the beach. Maybe that is the reason why they have an indoor pool. 

When you visit Bohol, DO NOT MISS BOHOL BEE FARM, it's kinda pricey but it is super worth it. The food and the ambiance is just superb :)

Oh and if you really can't get enough of Bohol Bee Farm menu, they have an outlet at Island City Mall, Tagbilaran City. And based on chismax, they are planning to bring the buffet in Manila. :)

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  1. P420 is such a good deal! I've been there but we did not try their food :( Will wait for Mag-Aso Falls, sounds interesting.

  2. yang bohol bee farm ang isa sa pinagsisisihan ko na di ko napuntahan..... pero i got to taste the bread and spread sa isang coffee shop sa panglao... super sarap!

  3. Ito na yung pinagsisihan ko dati kung bakit inalis pa namin sa itinerary, akala ko kasi bee farm lang talaga hahaha as in maraming bees for farming.

  4. When I saw the title, I thought there were a lot of bees. hehe. but it was better than expected =). The pictures of the food definitely makes me starve. I'd like to try that salad with the flower

  5. Travelling is also one of my frustrations, and like yours I’ll definitely do it if permitted and given the resources as well. Bohol will be my first destination love the place.

  6. From the start of the day, we starved ourselves to be prepared for this lunch buffet.>>> hahaha.... sigurado ang dami niyong nakain. sarap na ng pagkain ganda pa ng view.

  7. pwede! pano pag dalawa lang kami, mas mahal ba?

  8. I really want to try the organic salad. Ang cute kasi nya may bulaklak pa :-) I'm definitely going to this place when I get to visit Bohol someday! P.S. I've also added you in my blogroll. Thanks so much :-)

  9. wow tina, pareho tayo. pag may buffet, dapat wala talagang kain! haha.
    i saw this post thru Chyng's blog, dapat babalik ako ng Bohol just for this! :D

  10. Mura nga yun for the price. Will definitely check this place out. Gayahin ko na lang kaya IT mo since pupunta rin naman ako dyan next month? Haha.

  11. We went to Bohol when I was preggy with my little one, he's now 2, we went on the Panglao tour but no one mentioned the Bee Farm to us. Well another good reason to go back! Luv luv the pics!

  12. Ang ganda ng mga pictures tinz. Love the food...:-). Matagal na rin kaming hindi nakapunta ng bohol. That was in high school. So, there are reasons talaga to go back....marami na akong nabasang blog about the famous destinations in bohol, like this bee farm.

  13. Hi sis :) tanong ko lang anong gamit mong camera? wow eh :)

  14. Hi guys! Thanks for your comments! :D

    Christian, it's a bit pricier for two, I think 450-500 ang rate pg 2 lang kayo :)

    Anonymous, I'm using Nikon d5000 with kit lens, pero m dying to change lenses! soon :D


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