Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bohol Series: The Churches

Bohol is also famous for its heritage churches and I am so glad that we get to visit 3, the Baclayon, Panglao and Dauis Church.

Baclayon Church is famous because of the miraculous appearance of Padre Pio’s face on its wall. I also admire how disciplined the church goer here, they strictly follow the proper attire. That is why, they provide cover-ups for people like me. Hehe! Jumpsuit kpa ah! :D  You are not allowed to go inside the church wearing shorts or sleeveless tops. This is a very good practice and the Catholic Church especially here in Manila should implement this.

Also located near the church is the Baclayon Museum, there is an entrance of P25/pax but we did not go inside. Our tour guide says you are not allowed to take pictures too.

We also pay homage to Panglao Church, and it's massive watch tower. I don't know if you are allowed to go inside the watch tower. I am so excited to see the falls I did not pay attention much to the details of the church. All I know is that the church is pretty with its Baroque style and all.

Lastly, we visit Dauis Church. And did you know that for every time you visit a new church you get to have 3 wishes? Hehe, so I have 9 wishes! Yey! :)

The heritage churches of Bohol is a must visit for the architectural enthusiast, the beauty of the structures inside and out is just amazing. 

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  1. Bat kaya bawal magpicture sa ibang musuems no? Wala naman masama magpicture, pwede naman nila ipa-off yung flash para di masira ng ilaw yung mga paintings =P

  2. ilan weks kn jan sa bohol ang tgal na din ah, pero ok un mga travel post mo.....

  3. churches in bohol are really nice and good that they preserved it well. kaya one great pakcage ang bohol trip.

  4. Hi Christian, d ko din alam eh, for security purposes, i guess :D

    @palakanton: actually 5 days lang ako bohol, matagal at mahaba lang mga post ko! Heheh :D

    Hi Dominic, korek! pwede ka nga mg-pilgrim dun eh, dame kc tas ang gaganda pa talaga :D

  5. Wow! We visited exactly the same 3 churches in Bohol. Hehe. I didn't know about the wishes though. Sayang din yung 9 wishes. Hmp.


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