Monday, July 4, 2011

Bohol Series: Hinagdagan Cave

For our 3rd day in Bohol, we opt to have the Panglao tour instead of Danao. We also hire the services of Kuya RJ but we changed driver because it's Kuya Jun's day-off. We are displaced with the services of Kuya Edgar, who is not very accommodating.

Hinagdanan Cave is located in Dauis, Panglao. We paid P15 entrance fee for the maintenance of the place.

Kuya Edgar was supposed to be our tour guide for this trip, but instead, he let us do the tour all by our self. So I really don't know much about the place aside from it got it's name from "Hagdan" (ladder steps) because on you'll be using ladder made of stones on your way down to the cave.

The way to the cave is very slippery, so you really have to be careful. I think it is because of the moisture and water in the sort-of pool.

There are kids enjoying the water and since my eyes are sorta not clear so I am really having a hard time inside the cave.

I did not even see this the vandalism on the wall.

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I saw a few birds while on the cave, but thanks to our tour guide I don't know if there was something special or different about them.

But still, being born and raise in Manila, seeing a cave once in a while is a worth while activity for me.

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  1. wow ang ganda talga sa bohol hope to visit this place pag my budget na, un last photo mo anu un image curve ba iyun ng mukha ng mama mary, ang galing nman ng pagkakurved..

  2. wow, unga noh, d ko napansin yan ah. Basta click lang ako ng click, nahirapan kasi makita madilim kasi masyado :D

  3. wasn't able to check this out when we were in bohol.. would love to see this next time. have you been to sagada? awesome rock formations! :)

  4. ay ano namang klaseng tour guide yang si mang edgar. nung graduating kami nung highschool, halos kada araw nung last month naliligo kami dito. hehehe... waived yung entrance namin so di gastos.

  5. di namin to napuntahan. scary naman yung entrance, parang kuta lang ng mga rebelde.hahaha.pero ang luwang ng loob ha.reminds me of the enchanted cave of Bolinao.:D

  6. Hi Jam! Thanks for visiting, I haven't been to Sagada, but would love to go there soon! :D

    Hi fetus, gusto ko din sana maligo kaya lang di kinaya ng guts ko! hahaha :D

    Hi Anton! Hehe, ang cool nga ng entrance eh :D Nde pa ko nkpunta ng Bolinao, sama ko senyo minsan :D

  7. ay amazing! my ganito pala sa Bohol. ayan nainggit na naman ako, thinking of doing Bohol and Cebu thsi year. hehe

  8. Ang sarap maligo sa loob ng cave, isa pa to sa mga dapat kong balikan sa Bohol.


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