Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bohol Series: Mag-Aso Falls

Our Bohol trip really did not turned out as it was planned. Instead of Danao, we choose the Panglao tour and I could not be much happier because we can make a sidetrip to Mag-aso falls.

Mag-aso falls is located at Antequera, Bohol. Approximately 30 minutes away from Tagbilaran City.

There is a P30 parking fee and P20 entrance fee for each person. They also offer rentals of life vest and cottage. But since it is not crowded at that time, they let us use the cottage for free.

If you have read my post about Ambon-ambon falls, it was the first falls I have encountered and that is why I am so happy to meet Mag-Aso falls! It is much bigger, larger and beautiful and I had the chance to bathe in it!

But before you see this beauty you have to trek down the 197 steps. Going down is very easy, since it was raining you just have to be careful because the way down is very slippery. While going up is another story. Going up gave me a heartburn, reminding me to hit the gym ASAP. :D

Yipee! Hello falls, I can swin but I did not dare to go in the middle because there are no on lookers to save me if in case anything happens.  The current was really strong and I don't know whats on the other end, so might as well be safe nlang.

And since I did not do my research about the place, while doing this post I came across this article. Last 2009 there was a flash flood in Mag-aso falls killing two people. The flash flood was due to the heavy rain that day. Scary right? And also at the time we we're there it was also raining hard. I am so thankful that nothing happened to us like this.  Check the full story at -> http://blog.venganza.org/17.php. I pray for their souls.

I have not read this article before we went there, but I don't know if it will change my mind about going. Maybe yes and maybe not, but just a little caution on people who wants to visit the place. This makes me remember something from Chyng Reyes blog... 

It's just very hard to imagine that something this majestic can be destructive at the same time.

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  1. ang ganda ng falls... sayang at di namin napuntahan yan when we went there in 2009.. :)

  2. got goosebumps din when a flashflood happened a year after we went here. well, swertihan yan. right? =)

  3. missed that falls :) I wanna go back just to dive into that waters. btw cute ng pic mo with the waterfalls in the background :)

  4. Hi Mervin, sayang nman! When u visit Bohol again, make a side trip! Super worth it nya! :D

    Hi Chyng, yeah, hindi ko din alam na me flashflood na ngyari here. Bute swerte kami nothing bad happened :)

    Hi Marky! Thanks! Basta yngat in case you go back! :D

  5. Ang ganda pala ng Mag Aso falls, malakas ang tubig at parang ang sarap mag swim, sayang di ko to napuntahan dati.

  6. wow mganda po tlga un falls at sa tingin ko sulit tlga pagpunta d2...

  7. Hi Claire, yes maganda din ung Mag-aso, pero gusto ko din marating ung Vera Falls na post mu dati :D

    Hi Jim, yes po, maganda tlaga! You should see it for yourself too :D

  8. Maganda na yung Falls, maganda pa yung mga travelers :) Nice! Be safe always.

  9. hello! ang dami nyo napuntahan sa bohol ha. parang sinuyof nyo yung lugar! nice. :)

    thanks for dropping by my site. paris is an attainable place to go to. dream and believe. here's to more travels for you! ;)

  10. Ganda ng falls at ang bongga ang daming nyo napuntahan..I guess I should visit this place since my half sister is taga tagbiliran:)

    Thanks for the info and happy blogging:)

  11. Napanuod ko rin dati yung flashflood na yun, parang normal scene lang tas biglang bagsak yung flood.

    Sa may Bohol pala yun, check ko rin yan in the coming months =]

  12. Hi Renevic! Thanks much :D

    Hi Kg! yep, super dream ko ang Paris! Kahit makita lang ung eiffel tower at pauwiin na ko kagad, ok lang :D

    Hi Sunny Toast! You should visit Bohol, dme ok puntahan! C u on the blogosphere :D

    Hi Christian, ui, mgbohol ka? Yipee! Ganda ng Romblon! Inggit much :D

  13. I am now fascinated again with falls. Nice pictures tin. Lamig cguro dyan ano? :-).

  14. Yup Bohol kami later this year, then much later this year Cebu tas sidetrip ulit sa Bohol =P

  15. the water looks great! sayang hindi namin to napuntahan.. that gives us a reason to go back. hehehe


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