Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cebu: Moalboal, better than Panglao?

There are times I love my work because I get to have free travel and this time I get to visit Cebu again! We scheduled our travel on a Thursday and allotted 2 working days to finished our work, good thing our boss is real kind and suggested to us to extend on the weekend so we can have some R&R. Actually, that was really the plan with or without her permission! Hahaha! 

snapshot from the bus

Initially, I am eyeing on visiting Malapascua, Camotes or Bantayan, but since we have limited time it's impossible to do it on an overnight stay. So we ended up visiting Moalboal! 

view from the other side of the market

We woke up real early to catch the early bus ride going to Moalboal, it was real hard for me to wake up at 6am because I got settled in the Hotel West Gorordo at around 2am because of the PTB Meetup with Doi, Edcel and Edwin, but it was super worth it and I really had a great time with them! :)

From the hotel we took the cab to Southern Terminal Bus Station. Then we rode the Ceres bus going to Moalboal. It was a long 3 hours drive on a non-air conditioned bus and I love it because I get to catch up with my sleep. But I was real sweaty when I woke up because the sun is already at its peak at 9am. 

At around 11am we reached Moalboal, we alight in the market to buy foods and other necessities. From the market we hire a tricycle to take us to Basdaku White Beach. If I estimated it correctly, the ride from the market to the beach is approximately 15mins. Kuya Ping, our tricycle driver led us to one of the for rent beachfront accommodation. After negotiating with the owner, we paid P1,000 for a small beachfront room. I told you, I'm not real choosy on the place. As long as it has a CR and a bed. I forgot the name of the owner, but she was really nice she even offered to cook for us. And gave us extra foam and pillows for free. 

*yawn* goof afternoon beach

I was really mesmerized with the place, the sun is at it's peak and the color of the sea was real delight to my eyes. The blue green color was just amazing. The white sand is just right however dried leaves and coconut litter all over the place. I don't know why but I liked it more compared to Panglao Beach, maybe because it has a more rugged appeal to me. 


Do you see the sand bags in our cottages? They put it there because during high tide the water can reach the inside of the room. Cool eh! When we are about to leave at around 4am the water is real close to the cottage, like 3-5 feet away. 
coconuts all over the place

The place is partially developed because there are rows of cottages and nipa hut type accommodation. There are also stores along the areas and a lot of locals selling souvenir shirts. There are also resorts along the area. 
the water is really clear but the sand is not that fine

I slept the entire afternoon with the searing heat and I couldn't enjoy it more to wake up with the sound of sea but it was the nearby cottage who woke me up with their videoke session. 

There are boats offering their service to tour you around Pescador Island and to the Marine Sanctuary, but we did not try it because my colleagues are not up for it, and it would be real pricey if I shoulder the whole boat fare alone. 

Woke up real early in the morning to catch our 12 in the afternoon plane ride back to Manila, we have already arranged with Kuya Ping to pick us 4am in the morning. Btw, if you need his contact number drop me a mail. 

I rarely witnessed sunrise, that's why I am so psyched to see the horizons in the bus. We got back in the city at around 7am, just in time for a quick stopover at CNT lechon and Mactan (colleagues bought guitar).

I really had a great time at Moalboal but I really wished I could stay longer and checkout the marine life. But there's always next time, Moalboal actually exceeded my expectations. :)


  1. So glad you got to enjoy Moalboal! Bagyo kasi when we there, didn't even get to swim on the beach.. oh well, another reason to go back :-)

  2. I love the underwater photo, it looks very cool! Tnx for sharing! =)

  3. saya nito tina! waa. mga 3 to 4 hours lang pala tulo mo nun! toinks. ok pa rin. glad you dropped by to meet us! thanks. ganda rin ng moalboal kasi ilang oras lang, may magandang beach na :D

  4. Ang sarap talaga maglakwatsa pero mas masarap kapag libre :)

    Ang cool din ng cottage na nakuha nyo.

  5. Sooo beautiful, the beach and you ;p Would really love to revisit Cebu, and bring Luna so she could see how breathtaking Moalboal is!

  6. so what's the verdict?mukhang mas maganda si panglao for me.based on pictures ha.3 hours by bus na non-erkon.hmmm,Panglao nalang.hahahha

  7. ang ganda ng beach ms Tina! gusto ko na din 'to puntahan!

  8. ang daming beaches sa Cebu, bongga!
    i always tell Doi that while we have the malls for weekend, they have these gorgeous beaches right outside their offices. unfair!!!

  9. Di ako maka relate, parehas di ko pa napuntahan yan ehehe.

    Kulit nung underwater shot, last time na ginamit ng tropa underwater cam ko walang humpay ang kuhanan sa ilalim ng tubig haha

  10. Hi Tina,
    Dahil itchyfeet ka ring tulad ko, may I invite you to also visit the rock formations in my province? I assure you, it's a totally different experience. Here's the link to my posts about the Biri rock formations:

    I'm going to another rock formation hopefully sometime soon, para maipakita ko yung dalawa pang rock formations. No, I'm not from the tourism office. I'm just doing my share promoting the tourism of my province :)

  11. The place looks amazing! Inggit naman ako sa job mo, pasama naman, hehe.
    BTW, i think the underwater photo was cool! ❤

  12. Hello po... Ganda naman ng mga shots...:)

  13. Water looks great! It's been my dream to dive there someday. Hopefully I can do that this year :)

  14. 3 hours on a non-aircon bus? that was though! :)

    i agree, sometimes the ruggedness of the place makes it more appealing... :)

    bitin talaga for overnight night noh? pero oks na rin, at least you've visited the place... great post Tina! hope i could visit Moalboal soon!

  15. tagal ko na palang di nakapag moalboal. waaa :(

  16. maganda sya.. boating is a good option sana to discover pa more of the place.. sayang lng..

    kelan kaya ako magiging isang certified traveler? lol! ikaw, parang hindi ka naman frustrated traveler.. hehe! :))

    World of Vhincci

  17. wow! nainggit agad ako (ako na ang inggitera!) sa 1st line palang! haha love your job nga! free travel! :)

    I hope to meet you too soon Tina. :)

  18. a nice beach close to the city... sarap naman ng buhay sa Cebu!! :)

  19. hello miss tina! i'm in cebu right now, at least for the next two months.

    i want to go there too.
    but right now, bantayan is my target. :)

  20. I love cebu it has alot to offer from dr culture to dr wonderful beaches;)

    And the food! yummy!

    Thank you for sharing:)

  21. wow ang ganda ng tubig!! super love it.. hindi pa ko nakakapunta sa cebu but i've heard na marami talagang sikat na beaches dyan..

    ang cool naman ng boss mo.. super considerate.. hehehe

  22. by the way i added you up to my links nga pala.. thanks!!

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