Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Decade and Still Counting...

Caution to my readers (if I have) this is a sorta mushy post.

We have known each other since we’re 13, not really friends. But rather as enemies, I could still remember how I got punched (literally) because of you. I never liked you, I could still remember the times I bullied you.

Then we got separated for a year, I grew into a beautiful swan and you into something tolerable. Then you started calling me, asking for assignments even if we are not classmates. At that time, texting was the “it” thing. We began to text constantly, asking each other random unnecessary things. You suddenly became sweet and I got alarmed.

There are people around us that have history with you and they are real close to me. I knew that the history is ambiguous and unclear, but still, there is something. I feel very hesitant to reciprocate whatever concerns you’re giving me. But in the end I fell in to that giddy charm of yours.

We have been through a lot, not just a lot but a tons of ups and downs. There are countless times that you have broken my heart. And I admit that there are immeasurable times that I have hurt you. But let’s not be sorry for all those things as it molds us to be a better partner we are right now.

I want you to know that I am very thankful to have you as my companion for life, Gab and I appreciate every sacrifice that you are doing for us. It may not seem that way sometimes but it’s true. You are a generous provider and I hope you can buy me that Mac book pro soon!

I know there is something you want to hear from me, this thing that you want. I have been thinking why I can’t do it and there are a million reasons why. I am not yet ready because I am afraid of the “what ifs”. But I failed to look at the other side of the coin. Next year we can look back at those “what ifs”. I am now googling “how to get married in the Philippines” so no backing out.

We are not perfect; you and I are both different persons. We love and hate everything about each other and up to now, I am trying to figure out what do we have in common.

You like guitars I like computer games.
You are a good person I am not.
I am dominant you say you are influential.
The list could go on forever, but we have a lifetime to learn and share each other’s fixation and passion.

Happy Anniversary! :)


  1. SO sweet...Happy Anniversary:) wish you more happiness and love love love:)

  2. sweet!
    mas gusto ko to kesa travel posts ♥

  3. awwww heartwarming :) Happy Anniversary to you guys! best wishes on the years to come ;)

  4. sweet! happy happy anniversary! c:

  5. haha si chyng... hehe.

    this is what every guy surely wants from their woman. :D congrats on your anniversary! :D

  6. This post really made me smile =)
    Congratulations on your anniversary! <3

  7. kakatuwa nga kwento niyo nung nasa calaguas tayo. magkaaway nga talaga kayo dati.

    always happy to see sweet couples and a little one to cherish.

  8. aylavet!!!happy anniversary sa inyong dalawa.
    so 2012 pala ang wedding nio. sunod ako sayo sa 2013! niaha!!!

  9. weee...answeet naman po nito..
    nakakaenlab..ansarap tlga ng filing pag inlab..^_^
    stay happy and inlove.. Happy anniversary ^_^

  10. Awww... Sounds like a functional-disfunctional relationship which is uberrr exciting! Goo luck you guys, kinilig naman ako sa post na ito.

  11. Isa lang ang masasabi ko , Napakatamis hihihihi . sana ay tumamis pa lalo . Be safe and Good luck in everything you do both of you

  12. Wow...
    Kakakilig naman..
    Good Luck po sa inyo..:)


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