Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gab goes to school

From the moment he opens his eyes, I know he'll do great in whatever he does. 

A lot of people says his not yet ready, for he just turns 3 last April and school starts in June making him 3 yrs and 2 months old. But I have my reasons for sending him to school, one of it, is that I work 8hrs a day and I honestly admit it that I do not have enough time and patience to teach him everything. 

you can do it baby

I had to take a leave of absence just to enroll him, because the school is closed on the weekend. I was so excited to be with him in the school, to asked him about his thoughts on the school and just to see him inside sitting in a school chair.

Mommy is always here

Finally, the big day, I have anticipated this special moment in my life and I couldn't much be happier to share it with everyone. It was just sad that I was not the one who prepped him up for school, because I have to attend a meeting in the morning. Good thing his class starts at 11am and end at 1pm. From Makati I could easily take the cab and meet him at his school in Paranaque.

listening carefully

I was so eager to leave the office to witness this eventful day in his life, though for sure, he wouldn't remember it when he grows up. 

practicing independence

Then there he was, in his red shirt (no uniforms yet) and Ben 10 bag, ready to conquer the world. Ah, these are the moments. Seeing him sized up his classmates was momentous. He is a not shy kid at all but I can say he is cautious, and I know sending him early to school can develop his personality more.

happy to end his first day

At first he wouldn't let go of my hand but I talked him out and agreed to seat in one of the chairs. I stayed at the back till the end of class as he constantly looked, checking if I'm still waiting for him. I am overwhelmed to witness how he wants to join the singing and dancing but too shy to do so.

Franco Gabriel's first day of school, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Moms are all over the place to give support to their child and I so envy them for they do not have to escape and rush from the office to attend to their child. But maybe that's the reason why it was so special for me to be here. 


  1. reminded me of my nephew kung saan pati mga lola at auntie pumunta sa first day. nagleave sa trabaho.

    pero ramdam nga sa mga nanay ang mga ganitong okasyon. congratulations to Gab!

  2. it's indeed a milestone, for both of you! congrats girl! may big boy ka na! =)

  3. Hahaha! Thanks Dom! :)

    Naku Chyng, ayaw ko pa siyang maging big! Hehe! :)

  4. remind me of my son who also start schooling this year at the same age, ang kulit nga eh pero ok nman un resulta ksu nga lng minsan isa sya sa mga pasaway, hehe part of growing up,


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