Sunday, September 18, 2011

Puerto Princesa: Araceffi Island aka Dos Palmas

I am now committed to cheap traveling, but once in a while splurging on special occasion is not bad at all. Last years splurged was at Mactan Shangri la and this year is Puerto Princesa Dos Palmas and I am now thinking whats for next year? :)

For our day tour, we went to NCC Mall since Dos Palmas office is located there. But we already pre-arranged this tour, there are lots of people signed up, so I suggest you booked early too to avoid delay. The departure time of the van is 7am, it will drop us off to Sta. Ana wharf. Dos Palmas is within the vicinity of Honda Bay and from the wharf we also rode a boat for 2 hrs going to the island.

They welcomed us with an ethnic music and a drink. Gave a short orientation on what we can do in the island, what are free and what are not. Did not kept us long to savor what they can offer.

What we did first was to try snorkeling, all gears are free. But you have to ride a boat to go to the snorkeling site but no worries, it's also free. What can I say about the site, I did not enjoy it that much because the water was not that clear. There are few colorful fishes, and you have to go to farther from the floating cottage. And there are humongous and lots of baby jelly fish around the area. And lots of territorial fishes that bit me plus the place leaved me a nasty mark, because I bumped into a sort of coral and I have been itching because of it for a week. 

Next activity, kayaking or I might say riding in a kayak while Carlo do the kayaking. We also tried biking, but I don't know how to balanced myself, oh yeah, poor me.

Finally, my most awaited part! Buffet lunch! What's nice about it is that you don't need to find a seat, because they already pre-assigned the seats. But would you believe, because we where so hungry we sat on a seat that's not ours! Hahaha! We just switched the names to cover up for our mess. The viands are not that memorable but their salad especially the Mango-Prawn Salad was awesome.

After eating, we went for a walk, check out the place. Some are under renovations and on-going construction. But the place is real huge and big part of it is not yet developed. 

We signed up for an aromatheraphy massage and it was just relaxing and perfect. But you know, it comes with a cost. After seeing the bill on my credit card that is the time I kinda regret it, 1 hour for Php1,200 each. Tsk! Alright, moving on.

While waiting for the boat to take us home, he had a relaxing nap while I savored the view and dreamed for my next destination. 


  1. wow! amazing photos! sana makapunta din kami dyan!

  2. You're not a frustrated traveler, you're a fulfilled one. Soshal na soshal pa ang dating! ;)

    Anyway, how's the security naman? Dito na-kidnap yung American missionary couple some years back, right?

  3. @Dee: Not ensalada, Mango-Prawn Salad tlga :)

    @Mac: THanks Photographer! :)

  4. Hi AJ! Hahaha! I am still frustrated, lots of places to go to pa! :)

    Yep, naalala ko nga ung kidnapping dito, but I felt safe naman while we are here. Madami din silang staff na-ng-roam around to check on their guests :)

  5. wow, galing. masaya din when you splurge para di naman nakakastress masyado ang pagbubudget. :D

  6. It's ok to splurge naman pala once in a while as long as it's worth it. Nice place naman ang Dos Palmas.

  7. ang ganda nman dito, nice shot sa under water

  8. wow! mango-prawn salad. sounds so good.

    so good that they have all those options for you to enjoy the place.

  9. Ang ganda namn ng resort! Hope one of these days maka visit din sa dos palmas. Been to palawan pero di namin napuntahan yan.

  10. now i miss puerto and dos palmas... enjoy ako mag-kayak dyan.
    mango-prawn salad is cheaper sa balinsasayaw restau in puerto princesa city.. hehehe

  11. Hindi ko pa napupuntahan ang Dos Palmas. I wouldn't mind splurging though lalo na if i'll look at it as a reward for myself. Gagawa muna ako ng kabutihan then will go there soon hihi

  12. You're not a frustrated traveler, you're a fulfilled one..ka inggit ka! Dos palmas wait ka! makakapunta rin ako at mag pictorial mode tlga ako...hahaha inggitirang frog lang:)

    Thank you for sharing your sosyal vacation:) love it!

  13. Wow ganda... Sana lang magawa kong makapunta dyan... (Baka di kaya ng budget ko..)
    Salamat sa pag share... Parang nakapunta narin ako nito...:)

  14. underwater shots! nice nice! keep them coming!

  15. ang naaalala ko talaga jan eh yung buffet! di ako makalakad sa pagkabusog

  16. Hope i can include this on my trip this coming june..

    Will find a way..:))

  17. Palawan is beautiful and kind of wild and untame... I wonder what bit you! Crazy price for a massage... hotel rates stink.


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