Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Puerto Princesa: Honda Bay Island Hopping - Snake Island and Pambato Reef

For the continuation of our Honda Bay Island Hopping tour, we next visit Snake Island, too bad the weather is not fine that I really can't appreciate the beauty of the place. But as long as there is a sand, water and fresh air I am totally cool with it. It was called Snake Island not because of abundance of snake in the area but because of the long stretched of white sand that resembles a snake on the water if viewed from above.

There are lots of cottages and stores along the beach shore, it is more rustic compare to Pandan Island. The water is also crystal clear but be very careful because the water here is sudden depth ("biglang lalim"). You should definitely ask your guide to accompany you while snorkeling. And the fishes here are really big. You can see here a lot of school of fish, reminds me of my dream to see a school of sardines. I wore my life vest here because at almost 3-4 yards from the shore, the water is already at 40ft or more. Better safe than sorry. 

Last stop is Pambato Reef, where my sorta dream comes true. It is called Pambato Reef, because "pambato" is a Filipino term for bet or contender. Our tour guide says that Pambato Reef is their bet/contender against the famous Tubbataha Reef. I have never been to Tubbataha Reef, so I can never can tell, but I know that you have to be a licensed diver to enjoy Tubbatah Reef. 

Lots of non-sting Jellyfish in Honda Bay, and they are really big

However, if you are a beach bum you will not be able to enjoy Pambato Reef, for there is no beach here. They have a floating platform with a roof designed with a turtle. They have an area for fish feeding only and there is an area where you can snorkel. The guide says that you are not allowed to feed while snorkeling because it may damaged or kill the corals. 

An ugly looking fish

It was so not nice that my borrowed underwater camera died the moment we stepped here. The reef was really gorgeous, amazing and awesome. My words are not enough to describe what I felt when our tour guide helped me roam around. I felt like I am Ariel wondering around my kingdom! Hahaha! No but really, the reef was amazing. Our tour guide let me hold different kinds of coral, which of course I already forgot the name. 
The floating platform - last shot from the underwater camera :(

The fishes here are really colorful but not that many, in spite the fact that the water is not really clear because of the weather I really had a great time here. But I did not get to see the whole reef because tide is getting low. One of my dreams is to experience underwater like scuba diving or ride the submarine made of glass. But my experience in Pambato Reef is a preview of what I need to achieve, and I super liked it. That is why my next venture is really to try scuba diving. But not till next year, my funds are running low and I need to save for this thing! Hehe :)

We did not get to visit other islands because of the time and weather, but I was well satisfied with the three. And you can see Luli Island from Pambato Reef.


  1. I'm so excited to that day na pupunta ako sa Palawan. Kelan kaya? Hmmm :) Palawan is so charming that you can't resist...

    World of Vhincci

  2. Nice! we have the same latest blog in my site! pambato reef is indeed amazing!

  3. the reef sounds amazing. dapat talagang makapag-swimming lessons na. =P

  4. been there din last March!! grabe sa dami ng isda sa snake island!! at nakakatakot yung biglang lalim. buti na lang yung guide namin mabait, dinala kami sa medyo malayo kaya talagang naenjoy ko ang first ever snorkeling experience ko na yon. hehehe.

    By the way can we exchange links din po pala? medyo bago pa kasi ako sa travel blogging kaya wala pa masyadong friends. ^_^ Will add you na po on my list. Let me know po ha. Thanks in advance.

  5. swimming around pambato reef is an amazing experience. i was surprised as to how they were able to save a portion of these coral reef from the years where dynamite fishing was at its peak.

  6. Gusto ko bumalik sa Palawan at i explore bawat sulok nito. hehehe!

  7. Ganda talaga ng Palawan...
    Sana makabalik ulit ako...:)

  8. Congratulations tina in conquering the honda bay by hopping from 1 island to another. BTW, I am just curious why they called it as honda bay? sounds japanese name to me? Early discoverer?

  9. Hi Christian, d nman nasira. Lo-bat lang :)

    Hi Bon, thanks! All I know is that it's actually called Hunda Bay, but tourist often pronounced it as Honda Bay. It became famous as Honda because of the car also. I dunno if that's right, I just heard through our tour guide :)


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