Sunday, September 25, 2011

Puerto Princesa: Underground River

For our last day in Puerto Princesa we visited the world famous Underground River.

This day was unforgettable, both good and bad. 

We started the day early, because we have to prepare our things for Manila and we need to check out early before the tour van picked us up. 

The van picked us up before 9am, an hour late on the agreed time. Tour guide says they had a hard time securing our permit because a lot of people are in-line to get one. Then we also picked up other guest and it took us some time to do that because other guests are nowhere to be found. By 930am we were now bound for Sabang. 

The ride took us about 1.5-2 hours, if I remember it correctly we reach Sabang port at 11am. At the port a lot of people are in line, and I was just agitated to get on the boat, see UR and then leave. The reason is our flight is on the same day at 6pm. Yes, and because I want to squeeze everything in our limited time I have to suffer. 

Manay, our tour guide says that we are still in line for the boat and it is much better if we take our lunch first. We had our lunch at Sabang beach. I could have enjoyed the lunch with a magnificent view, but all I was thinking are the what-ifs on the possibility of missing our flight. What's even worst in our situation is that the group we are with are not in any rush. They still wanna do photo-ops and take a dip in the beach. I can't blame them, Sabang beach is real nice. But we cannot leave without them.

After lunch, Manay even suggested that we just walk in the beach towards the port. I know it's a good idea, but not for us. Walking is tolerable, but the thought that the others are not in a hurry, doing photo-ops will take us more time. I was trying my best to enjoy the view and not think about our flight, but I was really having a hard time forgetting about the time.

When we reach the UR, I thought that we are just going to ride the paddle boat. But to my surprise there are tons of people waiting for their turn too. And another even worst situation is that the boatmen are now having their lunch break. Hahaha! Imagine my stress and my anxiety in waiting. 

I was waiting in vain – literally, because I couldn’t take the smell of the place. The stench of bat urine is all over the place.

The Virgin Mary

When Manay told us that it’s our turn, I couldn’t much be happier to just get on the pedal boat and finished the tour. But I still appreciate the marvelous beauty of the rock formations.

The Pegasus

No. 1 rule while inside UR, DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH when you look up, unless you would like to get a taste of fresh water or fresh urine. :)

The Holy Family

The river contains brackish water, a mixture of salt and fresh water.

The whole UR river is 8.2km long but the tour which is about 45minutes will not cover the entire 8.2km, because some areas are restricted.

Our tour guide is very good in pointing and describing the rock formations. They called part of the area, the Cathedral, because the rock formations show images of the Holy Family, Mama Mary and angels. Another part is called the Salad Bowl, because of the different images of vegetables, I just can’t remember what are those.  :)

Finally, we finished the tour and we catch our flight! At exactly 5:30pm, we checked in having front row seats! Manay, have some connections at the airport and she called in a favor for us. But next time, I will never do this kind of itinerary, I never want to experience this kind of agitation again.

He is so positive and I love him for that :)


  1. Ang galing galing na ng mga captured mo ha tina. Congrats. You are improving. :-). Pag positive ang partner mo, hindi ka lulubog. Aahon ka talaga sa "underground river"....

  2. You've gotten good shots inside the cave! Hirap magshot dun nagbobounce kasi ang flash, glad you manage to get some good shots! :D

  3. Congrats for being in the airport right on time. That happened to us while in CDO. We made it just in time before the ground stewardess was about to annouce the available seats for chance passengers. Hehe!

  4. Thanks guys! I took a hundred of pictures sa cave, pero onti lang yung ok. I have stopped pa nga because ung built-in flash ko uminit ng sobra :)

  5. that's one of the consequence of caving. hahaha for sure you wont like spelunking in sagada. bitin ako sa underground river cruise.

  6. hi tina! i really like the sixth photo :) nice to see that you made it on time.. when we were in boracay, na-late din kami.. they were announcing our names na. takbo talaga kami. haha!

  7. Hi Dong, uu nga! Pero willing ako tiisin un sa Sagada! :) Gusto ko pa din un mtry! Sama ako pgpunta mu ulet ah :)

    Hi Jam, thanks :) Hahaha! Kame din super madali talaga :D

  8. Inggit much.. hehe.. For you being in the underground river, and for having a special someone.. hehe..
    How much have you paid for that site? I'll be going to palawan this November. They said mapanghe aw dyan.. pero it sure looks majestic.. :)

  9. Kahanga hanga talaga ang Underground river..:)
    Sana makabalik ulit ako... hehehe,...
    Ganda ng mga Pics..

  10. I think you will enjoy Sagada more especially the cave connection, mas hands-on at madaming thrilling moments :)

  11. Hi Zen! Thanks, bale 3k for both of us, including transfers, lunch and all :D Yep, mapanghe tlaga :)

    @Tripper: Amazing tlga ang UR no? :D

    @Claire: Uu nga daw eh, hai... kelan kaya ako mkkpunta sa Sagada. *Dominic! when? hahah :D

  12. Your last day seems to be exciting. I am hoping to visit this famous underground cave. And this post will greatly help me. :)

  13. Sayang when I went to Puerto P, the Underground River was closed due to baad weather. Fortunately, we were able to go island hopping naman.

    Anyway, thanks for the visit! Are we followers of each other na ba? :)

  14. Geez! never been toured PP yet. I was there like 2 yrs ago but I opted to head to El Nido. I dont really regret it bec El Nido is amazing and I know one day I'll get to visit PP . Thanks for sharing. I didnt know some of the infos here like kaya pala kumuha ng pic sa loob, madalas kase entrance ng cave lng nakikita ko. tsaka yung dapat nakasara ang mouth pagtingin sa taas eh pano kung pumasok ang weewee ng bat sa ilong dapat cguro pati ilong nakatakip. hehe. oh well, i;m talking nonsense. haha till your next post. keep 'em coming

  15. Sobra pong ganda... :)
    Babalik balikan mo talaga..

  16. hehe...natawa naman ako sa closed mouth and fresh urine mo ms. tina. :)) been to underground river too, but it's been a long time, 10 years na ata. like your photos, gaganda! :)

  17. wow. jam-packed na jam-packed ang araw. kakatakot naman yung flight na mamiss. mahal kaya magpaparebook! but thanks din for posting pictures sa loob ng underground river. at least may idea na ako kung anong nandun. wala kasi akong nakikita sa mga searches ko. hehe.

  18. If i were in your place, i think i couldn't really focus on enjoying the surroundings when i know i might get late in our flight... But, still its a good thing you did make it... Mahal pa naman ang rebooking...hehe

  19. pretty good shots inside UR! i just came there two weeks ago and it was really amazing. No wonder it's in the 7 wonders =)


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