Friday, September 23, 2011


By this time I should be boarding the plane going to paradise with a big smile, but NOOOOO! I am stuck in the office with more frustrations than ever.

How could this happen? Maybe because I was too excited in booking our flights that I failed to anticipate what his schedule would be and what is our financial status after a lot of traveling.

What I thought would be a cheap airfare is now an unforgivable sunk cost.

I thought I would be crossing out an item on my to do list for the year, but no I just have to endure this disappointment.

I said to myself that I would not think of what could have been for this day, but I simply can’t avoid imagining the powdery white sand of the beach, my plan of waking up on our beachfront accommodation with the sound of the waves at night and the adrenaline being up high or submerged in the water.

Ending with a HUMONGOUS sigh…


  1. Awww! san dapat kayo punta? oks lang yan. I feel you! hahaha :D

  2. i know masakit. pero babawi ka rin Tina!!!

  3. aww... ang bigat ng feeling na yan, but sabi nga ng favorite ads ko sa TV "tomorrow is another day". Makakapag Boracay ka rin soon --- Jerome (

  4. dali lang yan. dami namang options to caticlan and kalibo.

  5. oks lang yan. madami pa naman dates ang calendar. =)

  6. cheer up! ;) things like that happen.. my friends and i booked din for malapascua this year but di kami natuloy. you can always plan for another one! :)

  7. Thanks guys! Emote mode lang ako nun, hehe. But I am okay now, thanks sa moral boost! :D mwaahugs to all! :D

  8. Grabe I'm so impressed with the photos and the place! Hopefully soon makavisit ako dyan.

  9. It did happen to me several times...When i get too excited with something, there will be a possibility i get disappointed in the end, especially in travel matters! Why is that??? urghhh..

    BTW, you have a nice blog..XD


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