Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best of 2011

I am too lazy to make a blog post but I am just envious of my blogger friends who have made a round of their wonderful year. I can definitely say that 2011 is my travel year. I have been to many places that I never thought I would reach this year. Special thanks to Dominic of for inviting us to his memorable trips. I would also like to extend my gratitude to my on-line friends the Pinoy Travel Bloggers and of course the Bagets, you guys fuel the traveler in me. 

Batangas, Amansinaya and Ambon-ambon Falls: 
It was nice to start year 2011 with a new company and new found friends. 

Batangas, Church Hopping:
Part of our yearly Lenten Season Ritual is the Visita Iglesia, in just less than 24hrs we have toured around Batangas to visit it's historical and heritage churches.

Zambales, Subic Tree Top Adventure:
Nothing beats an all girls road trip and the adrenaline rush from jumping in heights! :)

Cavite, Tagaytay:
A quick getaway from Manila, R and R with the fambam!

Laguna, Montenevoso Resort:
Family Bonding = treasures moments! :)

Albay, Legazpi & Sorsogon, Donsol, Juban:
I have good and not-so good trips, but all of them was fun! And my adventure to Albay and Sorsogon was so-so, even though I didn't get to see the Mt.Mayon and the whale sharks, I still enjoyed barrio life and the company of my friends.

Cebu, Plantation Bay:
My 2nd trip to Cebu for the year was just a quickie, so we decided to just tour around Mactan and we visited Plantation Bay.

Yearly trip with my college buddies was worth the truancy I committed :)

Camarines Norte, Calaguas Island:
I have been raving about this place for so long, so when Dominic sent an invitation, I immediately say yes! It was extra special because Gab is tagging along and Carlo will be celebrating his birthday :)

Zambales, Mt. Pinatubo:
My birthday trip for the year and my first trekking adventure. It was also an outreach event which was also organized by Dominic. This trip made me realized that I have a lot to be thankful for.

Cebu, Moalboal:
I was sent to Cebu for work and it was great to have a day-off for a quick side trip. It was also my first time to have a meet up with other bloggers. Special thanks to Doi, Edcel and Edwin!

Aurora, Baler:
Lala and I, have been best friends for more than a decade, but we never have a trip together! A road trip to Baler was extra fun because we get to try surfing.

Mountain Province, Banaue and Batad:
I survived BATAD. :)

with my travel buddy Majane and our good friend Divine :)

Palawan, Puerto Princesa:
A decade with your love one and a stunning view of Puerto Princesa - leaves me singing "I couldn't ask for more.." -yuck... cheesy! :)

La Union, San Juan:
I have been bitten by the travel bug, but the worst is, I got addicted to surfing! Hahaha! Been back and forth to La Union to get wiped out and be elated every time I had a good ride. San Juan is like my SM, it got everything I need. The beach, the waves, the company and the view. I am s*cker for sunset and every time I witness it I feel so blessed and thankful to the Lord almighty.

To my readers, thanks a lot for visiting and paying attention to my non-sense. I really appreciate all your comments, as in! :)

To my PTB friends, you guys are my inspiration and mentors! Just keep on traveling and having fun!

To my friends and family, I love you guys! Hahaha!

To Carlo and Gab, both of you inspire me to do great in life and it feels good to know you are always around.

Cheers to more travel! :)


  1. mabuhay tina! isang masayang paglalakbay sa 2012!!

  2. Good for you. Ako tamad na talaga to make a year-end post. :))

    One thing I like about your post compared to others I've read is that you have people in your photos. Obvious you really had fun with fam and friends.

    Wishing you more trips with more people next year! :) And may you not be a frustrated traveler, but a fulfilled one. :))

  3. yihaa! bilis lang pero ang dami mo din talagang napuntahan. i was surprised nga na tatlong beses tayo nagkasama sa byahe ngayong taon.

    here's to cheers for more years in travel and your great time with Carlo and Gab!

  4. galeng and you were able to travel with your young son as well. Kudos to that/

  5. It's nice to see that you often travels with your family and friends.. May you have more travels and adventures this coming new year. :)

  6. Happy New Year! sana masaya ang ating new year

  7. cant agree more, an all-girl road trip is really awesome! cheers to more travels (and blogging)! =)

  8. I'm glad you came up with a year ender post. Cause we, your readers, could see a timeline of your awesome 2011 trips. Happy New Year gurl!

  9. Yehey nag-blog na siya ulit! hehe i'm glad na nakasama na kita sa Batad pero BITIN! Hope to see you ulit soon :D

  10. Welcome Back Tina. Good to note that you really have enjoyed traveling though you called yourself a frustrated one. :-). Happy New year and happy travels for 2012.

  11. >Theo: Hehe.. thanks! See you on the road soon! :)

    >Aj: Thanks for your appreciation! When will I get to meet you? :)

    >Dom: To my favorite blogger, super thanks for all. I always look forward to travelling with you again.

    >Marky: Thanks! Kelan tau mg-KK ulet?

    >Bino: Thanks much! Love your blog, sana mameet ko din si Flip :)

    >Chino: Thanks! Happy New Year din! Cheers to us travelers! :)

    >Chyng: Tama! When will I meet you din? Hope to travel with you soon!

    >Gay: Thanks Gay! Your family rocks! :)

    >Mica: Onga bitin eh, when will we travel ulet? :)

    >Bon: Kuya Bon, frustrated pa din as long as di ko pa ntravel ang mundo :) Happy travels to you too :)

  12. inggit much! i wanna go to baler @.@ wanderlust! arrghh...

  13. Wow! Happy 2012! Ingat sa mga trips. :)

  14. Ang dami nyo na palang napuntahan.. hehehe...
    Happy Travel po... :)

  15. @gelai: Lezgo Baler! Ako din, I wanna come back and I'm gonna stay longer to surf and roam around :)

    @blissfulguro: I wish I can do this same this year... pero no! hahaha... I am RESTRICTED to travel... i'll say hooray to 2013 nlang

    @Rizalenio: Thanks! Ingat din sa 2012 travels mo! ;)

    Tripper10: You registered as the 600 comment-er or or? though including my replies.. hehe :) Thanks! Happy travel to u din! :D

  16. inggit naman kami. for 2011, parang 3 lang napuntahan namin. yang lagay na yan may full time job ka pa. hayyyy... kelan kaya? sana kami rin, we can have all the time and resources.. :)

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