Monday, January 23, 2012

Lala-La Union

I easily get addicted with things. Shopping, Traveling and now Surfing. We have been back and forth to San Juan, La Union one of the closest surfing spot in Luzon.

my surfer boys

It is actually a long drive, 6-7hrs from Manila and fortunately I don’t know how to drive. Hahaha! Good thing “Tamamot” – our car, is automatic. We usually leave at around 3-4am and arrive at San Juan before lunch time.

bonding with my pamangkins and the hot chick on the view :)

We have tried staying at Lola Nanny's and Hacienda Peter, and I recommend the latter because of the place and the price. Ate Pacita is very accommodating and she gives big discount. I would also like to stay at Sebay Surf and San Juan Surf Resort.

good job nephew! :)

There are lots of food joints in the area, we have tried Lola Nannys, Sea Nymph Cafe and Sebay Resort. One of the most recommended is the Midway Grill, however, you have to drive going there.

meet Kuya Nano, thanks for extending our time! :)

The lessons in San Juan is Php400 - board and instructor included making it Php50 more costly than that of Balers.  They also have a whole day rate Php800, but board only. I recommend Kuya Nano's Team for surfing lessons. I think they have the same rate with Luke Landrigan's Team but you know, I'd go for some low profile and Luke's already rich! :)

to strengthen their knees? :)

The waves here are more subtle compare to Baler, but it is less salty. Baler have spectacular sunrise but La Union offers to die for sunset. 

as raw as you can get :)

I really can't wait to be back!


  1. Tina! I love this sunset shots you have here. Grabe, tama ka nga, it is one of those places that has to-die-for sunsets. Never set foot in la union and this surfing thingy makes me wanna come here and experience this myself.

    I hope to see you on the road. Thanks for this.

    1. I recently joined a surfing trip from this tour organizer and you might want to check it out plus their a side trip bonus going to Pugad adventure in Pugo, La Union where you can try zip line, wall climbing, rappelling, tire tubing, atv, target shooting and more
      They offer a reasonable package rate inclusive of everything. hope this helps!

  2. my friend... i really believe that you will be a pro surfer soon :) and a pro photographer too :) just continue dreaming and for sure you will have that :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my province!

  4. hahaha... hot chick from the back. i like this kind of life. surfing. beach.

    si Gab ba kumakain na rin ng balot?

  5. Gusto ko din matry mag-surf!! Kaso hindi ako marunong lumangoy :(

  6. @dr.wends: You should see it for yourself, walang sinabi ung mga photos sa actual :)

    @ding: Ganda talaga, visit mu din LU :)

    @Majane: Super thanks friend! kea kita lab na lab eh :)

    @anonymous: Thanks for visiting my site too :)

    @dong: ako din, time flies when ur in the beach, I could be here in months and not complain about my complexion :)

    hindi siya kumakaen eh, pugo lang ;)

    @Nicole: ok lang kahit di marunong, just tell your instructor and he well guide you naman :)

  7. if ever makita ko dun si Luke, ay nako, magllesson ako buong araw! haha

  8. oh wow! ang ganda ng kulay ng sunset sky. the best. :)

  9. wish i could go back to la union and just surf. was too darn scared the first time i was there. hehehe

  10. 400 pesos is pricey to me. Sabagay po you are paying for the experience and the skill of the instructor.

    I gotta try surfing for the first time hopefully here in La Union or otherwise in Sabang, Cabugao,

  11. Hacienda Peter offers good rates for decent rooms! I've shacked in Sebay as well (cause at that time we didn't have much choice), a bit too pricey but uber comfy rooms. Their resto serves awesome food by the way!

  12. Nice family bonding! It's more fun in the philippines

  13. sinubukan ko rin ang surfing sa baler, kaso fail! :D

  14. Nice shots..what a wonderful place.. :)

  15. ganda ng sunset great shots!!! i need to be there gusto ko din matry magsurf jan :D

  16. nice blog. Love reading it... thanks for sharing:) keep posting please...

  17. wow ang ganda naman jan lalo na yung sunset at yung hot chick at the back:) nice bonding

  18. wow amazing sunset pics! Just came from Baler last weekend. Gusto ko rin try yung sa La Union. Never been there yet. :)

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