Thursday, May 2, 2013

Puerto Princesa Itinerary

Due to a friend's need, here's our Puerto Princesa Itinerary :)

Day 1

Honda Bay Island Hopping

- Pandan Island
- Snake Island
- Pambato Reef

Itoys Coffee Haus

Day 2

Dos Palmas Day Tour
Bakers King
Iwahig Firefly

Day 3

Lunch at Sabang Beach
Underground River

Can't remember how much we paid for the trip, but It's still on the budget. Since it's just only the two us, I arranged our activities through a travel agent I got online. We were with a mixed group on some tours and on some it was a solo arrangement.


  1. hi can you help us with the tour agency? how much it will cost us? we are also planning to have a tour agency but i could not find any cheap rates

  2. Puerto Princesa is really a good place to visit and explore. :)

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