Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Gab's First Fieldtrip

I used to remember my mom always accompanies me during my field trip. She will stay at the back with other co-parents and I will just approach her when I'm hungry and I need cash to buy something. How I love to know that she will always makes time for me. The memory is still vivid and now I am playing her role.

I was excited for Gab and for myself. This is his first ever field trip and my first ever field trip to attend as a mom. Bought a lot of snacks and brought a lot of stuffs too :)

Our first stop was the Galinco Factory in Laguna. Isn't he just a cutie wearing that hairnet? He was so happy to have that piece of cookie, and I was thinking, heck, I paid Php2.4k for that. Hehe

Next is the Tagaytay Picnic Grove.

Paradizoo, where we went like 2x or more already.

Then the air-conditioning of the bus just died. The parents are all getting real mad, the sun was at it's peak and the traffic in SLEX was just crazy. Good thing Gab was asleep, however, I cannot take the heat and I really feel suffocated. The bus style is another disadvantage, because there are no windows to open. That is why I asked Carlo to pick us up already, but he also got stuck in traffic and good thing we already reached our next destination. But I am not going back inside that bus again. 

Last stop is at Bio-research Lost Eden in Sucat, I was surprised with this place, I thought that this was just a store but the place is really huge and they housed lots of animals too.

It was a very tiring day but it was fulfilling to be a stage mom! Hahaha :)

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