Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Detour: Crystal Beach Zambales

What do you do when your most awaited trip of the year won't push through? I initially sulked and feel super depressed! Because you know, we are supposed to be going to EL NIDO, as in EL NIDO! My Dream Destination - cheap tickets, van reservation and room reservation are already paid. And then poof - I am preggy! I would really love to go on the trip but since our flight is MNL-PPC, we are going to endure long land travel with rough roads and my doctor advised NO because of my sensitive pregnancy. Why not just stay to PPC? We just visited the place last year, and it is still fresh from our memory.

I have really planned for this trip, I resigned from my work and haggle with my new employer on  my new start date to accommodate this trip. Carlo already filed his vacation leave and I don't want to stay in our room for 6 days thinking we could have been seeing paradise now while eating lots of sweets!

So plan B! We planned a road trip to Zambales and Pangasinan. It will be safe for me since Carlo will be driving and anytime I need to stretch we can stop.

We left Manila at around 10am, so basically we reach Subic at around 1pm. Since it is already late, we decided to stay at Subic with free room accommodation c/o our sponsors! :)

So basically, we did nothing in Subic, we just relax and roam a little. Did our grocery and plenty of sleeping for me :)

Day 2, we woke up early to visit Crystal Beach Zambales. It's actually just a 1 hour drive from Subic.
Crystal Beach is one of the famous surf spot in Luzon. It offers affordable accommodation with a rustic vibe. Definitely a place to be for wanna be surfers like us.

The weather was not at it's greatest, it's drizzling every now and then. And the waves are kinda huge because there's an LPA. But it's just perfect for pro surfers. They are stoked!

I am really envious that only Carlo got to try surfing here while I enjoy basking in the sun watching my dearest play in the sand. But he said, that it wasn't really a good ride because the waves are overwhelming.

Just a note: During our stay there was a robbery incident in one of the guest villas. I think since they are a big group around 20pax they became the target. I would still recommend the place just be a little extra careful. Since it's not a five star hotel don't expect stricter security.

The place is nice, but I still heart La Union.

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